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USA destinations - Student Tour
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USA destinations

Every summer thousands of university students fly to USA as Work & Travel participants. Their choice of destination is free starting from BMX and skateboarding center San Diego and ending with fast paced adventurous city of New York.

It might seem that those places are far and unreachable, but actually it is easier than it sounds. Every dream can come true!

Every location has its pluses and minuses. The most important thing is to be there early. The earlier in the summer you get there the easier it is to look for your job and housing. You should do a lot of preparations and research before you go, because it is much easier this way on the spot.

You should mostly pick a place where the tourism season is booming during the summer. If there will be more customers the employers need more staff. Also, you have much more fun if you pick a location where there is something interesting to see and do.

The choice of the destination depends mainly on your personal preferences. If you are a party animal, you probably like Florida, if you like big city life you might want to pick New York. Nature lovers land surfers like Hawaii the most.

You can pick whatever USA destination you like. The choice is yours!
Below, we will give a little taste of four very different and very popular destinations.