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Questions and answers - Student Tour
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Questions and answers

What is the difference between participating in StudentTour Work and Travel Programand participating in Southwestern CO book sales program?

Southwestern book sales people use the same J-1 visa to work, but their job is very different.Southwestern summer is suitable for people who want to test themselves in really toughsituations and learn to sell while going door to door. Some people are successful in doing that,but some people face very tough challenges during this summer. Work and Travel program offersbesides working more fun and free time. Our method of traveling is for people who want to enjoytheir summer and learn about USA and themselves in a really fancy way. Our goal is not onlyworking, but also meeting new people and experiencing new culture. Doing all that you will learnsomething that no university can offer – how to be independent and manage with your life onyour own.

Which program is the most suitable for me – self placed, freestyle or full placed?

 Every program has its own pros and cons, depending on your personality and goals. Good thingabout Full Placement is that you don’t have to worry about finding a job and accommodationafter arrival to the states. Minus is that the choice of destinations is more limited.A plus with Freestyle is that you can find yourself the job, that most suites you and you canchange it if you find something more suitable. You can also get better salary, but that is notalways so and you can have as many jobs with as many hours as you can handle. But finding ajob while in USA might be stressful and it takes some work.The third option is Self Placed, which is the combination of Full Placement and Freestyle. Itmeans you will find your job while still at home using google maps, google, and skype or anyother sources. It might take you out of your comfort zone to call a strange person and ask aboutjobs, but actually it is very fun and valuable experience. And if you succeed, it will insure you avery good summer. Even if you won’t be able to find a job, you have done some very goodpreparations and it will definitely make finding a job on the spot easier.

How much is it possible to earn with J1 program?

 It is totally up to you and your goals how much you can make. The more hours you work and themore jobs you have determine if you can pay for the autumn semester in school, make it evenwith the expenses or just pay for your stay in USA.Those who are there to have fun and don’t care about working too much make around 40-50USD a day. If your goal is to make a lot of money, you should try to get a job, where you can
earn tips. Your salary will be lower but tips make up most of your salary. Waiters, barmen andother tip positions make about 70-140 USD a day.

What are the advantages of StudentTour?

 We are young enthusiastic team and every one of us has participated in the program. So we havethe experience and we know exactly how to make things work. We have experienced all thepossible problems and we can avoid them best for you. We could write a long and flattering texthere, but that would not be the point. If you want to share our enthusiasm, contact us.
Can I change my job?If you have found a job for yourself, you can change it any time. But if you come with FullPlacement you can not change your job without a serious reason. If you quit without a reason,your visa will be terminated by the visa sponsor. But if you happen to have any problems withthe employer, just contact the visa sponsor and everything will be solved.

Can I have more than 1 job?

Yes, you can have as many jobs as you can take.

What is DS2019?

 This is a permit to work in USA. It is given by visa sponsor. It is only valid with J-1 visa.

What is SSN? Do the second year students need to apply for SSN (Social Security Number)?

 SSN is a social security number that every legally working person in USA has. You have toapply for it after arriving to USA from the local SSN office. Receiving the number typically takes 2-5 weeks, but in some cases it might take longer. If you are going as a full placement student theemployer knows that you are eligible to work legally after applying for the number, but if you goas a Self-Placed or Freestyle student you might sometimes need to explain to the manager thatyou are a legal worker. We suggest you to show your visa or ask the employer to contact the visa sponsor or visitgovernment websites about J-1 visa to be convinced that everything is ok. SSN is given for alifetime. So if you loose the card you are going to have to apply for another one.

Can I work before I receive my SSN?

 Yes, you have a legal right to work after you have applied. Employers might be hesitant to hiresomebody from the street without SSN. But you need to be politely persistent and explain thatyou are eligible to work. One good way is to have the employer call to the local SSN office andthey will prove that you are eligible to work or let the manager see the official US governmentweb page about that subject.