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How to participate


Fill in the application on our web page. Pay attention to provide the correct data as it is written in your passport. This is very important because your data will be used on the official documents. Register as early as possible to disperse your expenses and be the first one to choose the destination (groups might get filled out to specific destinations).


After receiving your application you will be sent an invoice to your e-mail which you can pay to the bank account shown on the invoice.

Step Three – DOCUMENTS

After paying the registration fee StudentTour will send you the documents necessary to fill in order to apply for the work permit DS-2019. You will also receive a manual on how to fill in the documents. Please be very accurate when filling in data. Now most of the hard work is done! Most of the work can be done via internet, but StudentTour still needs your original documents before the beginning of the summer. Post the documents to StudentTour office with address indicated on our web page. Your valid passport will also be needed before the visa interview, but since it is a necessary document, this can be sent us in April.


StudentTour sends you an invoice for Program fee. This should be paid in 2 months. If you need any extension, let us know and we will work something out.


Pass a personal interview with a StudentTour staff member to be sure about your English abilities. After that, StudentTour will contact you about the visa interview schedule in the US Embassy. Usually the interviews are held in late April or early May. Before the interview you will need to pay the visa fee for the US Embassy. You can find the sum and account number from the web page of the local US Embassy. Pass the interview to verify that your language skills are sufficient for the Work and Travel program and you have the right intentions.


When you do that is up to you. Usually, the earlier you buy, the cheaper tickets you get. But you can also get some good last minute offers right before the summer.

Step Seven – FIRE AWAY! 🙂

You will receive your passport with J-1 visa and an envelope with 2019 working permit. Everything is ready for the unforgettable summer. StudentTour and Visa Sponsor will support you during the summer as good as we can.
You will receive more specific information and directions with StudentTour e-mails step by step. But if something about the process is still confusing – send us an e-mail and we will be glad to explain it more precisely.