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Have you ever thought about what you REALLY want to do in your life. Have you ever wanted to surf in a deep blue ocean of Hawaii. Or maybe stand and watch the busy Times Square in New York passed by thousands of people every hour. Have you ever dreamt about sitting on the edge of Grand Canyon or partying in Las Vegas? Have you ever wanted to do something different, something to remember the rest of your life…

Work and Travel program offers a unique opportunity for students to live, work and travel in USA. As a participant you are free to choose whichever destination you like to spend your summer vacation at, beginning with Miami, Florida and ending with San Diego, California. With the J-1 visa that is issued for university students exclusively you can work up to 4 months and after that you have 1 month to travel around in USA on your own.

The most popular Student Exchange Program in the world

Every year more than 70 000 students from all over the world use the same program to spend an incredible summer traveling, working and living in USA. Lots of students go back for their second and third summer, because they have found the program the best way to get to know American country, culture and people. They have also found the program to be very helpful for developing their personality – to expand their limits and develop independence. This is a chance to put yourself on a test and do something extraordinary once in your life!

Feel free to join!

So look around on our web page and if you find that next summer you or your friends could be one of the 70 000 students adventuring around the US, go ahead and register for the program and next thing you know we’ll be sitting on the beach of California singing and playing guitar next to a bonfire together with old and new friends.